Monday, April 19, 2010

Virtual Paintout Canary Islands

I made a dangerous discover yesterday. I was on flickr and saw something in a title that said 'Virtual Paintout'. I had to investigate, so I googled. An artist named Bill Guffey keeps a blog where he invites artists to journey, via googlemaps, to a different place each month. Every sketch needs to be done from a googlemaps photo. The paintings on the blog are so interesting, you'd swear they were all done by a group of artists traveling the island together. I guess they sort of were. I went for a wander myself and literally got lost meandering down little lane ways, not being able to resist peeking around the next corner. When I went back to the blog, I was recognizing if not the exact locations, the feel of the places I experienced on my virtual journey. I was hooked. It was a bit difficult to settle on a spot (maybe there's something even better around the next corner), so I started emailing myself good ones, then went back and looked at them later. I chose this spot because I liked the intimate feel of people doing their thing, fishing, working, oblivious to the fact that the googlemap vehicle was cruising behind them (kind of like a sketchbook adventurer). I tried to keep it in my sketchbooky style; not make a 'studio painting' out of it. It'd be fun to do a whole sketchbook journey of a place I've never been - relying entirely on google, not just for the images, but also for the info, restaurants, museums, the works. Or maybe I'll finish the 300 projects I already have on the go.

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