Sunday, April 11, 2010

White Haired, Blue Eyed Beauty

Wednesday Night Life Drawing - I absolutely
loved this model! She could hold a pose (even the t-shirt over her head) for 20 minutes without moving, which is always helpful. Far more importantly, she held a grace and a body confidence that takes some of the fear out of getting older. To a woman in her 40's (me), aware that time will continue to march on from here, that's a reassuring thing to see. She was sensual and fun, and let's face it - gorgeous! And she had a good tattoo collection, which I just didn't capture in our 20 minute


Sandy said...

Bravo, to the model and the lovely sketches you captured, it is nice to see a Gorgeous Mature body - and Proudly!

Serena said...

Beautiful sketches....soft and delicate. The model sounds like a lovely and interesting lady. I would have loved to have seen her tattoos...I got my first tattoo for my 50th birthday last year. ;)

Serena said...
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