Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fam Mortal Kombat Tourney in Whistler

I finally knocked the cobwebs of the sketchbag, picked up a new watercolour sketchbook (thanks Opus sale) and started noodling again.  These have been busy times, plugging a wedding (ours) right in the middle of our busiest season.   And here, in the middle of it all, between Christmas and our New Years Eve wedding, we decide to do a family (yes, all 16 of us, not counting the dogs) trip to Whistler.  The kids are holding a massive Mortal Kombat tournament.  They gather around the TV and whoop like a grey cup game 7 as they digitally pummel and pounce on each other.  Our job seems to be shovelling enough food onto the table to keep it all humming.  It's gorgeous up here, a total winter wonderland.  Yogi is in heaven, romping around in the snow, having all these people to scratch his belly.  We're all sleeping here in the house.  It's a bit crazy, but good.
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Sue Pownall said...

I've missed your Yogi paintings, lovely to see this one. I still remember the lovely paintings you did of him when he had that plastic collar and bandages.

Claire M said...