Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Start Of Nothing New

All For Only $3.99

 Text says:
My 2013 challenge for myself?  As a reaction to rampant consumerism (mostly my own) I've dubbed 2013 "The Year Of Nothing New".  No purchasing anything new, non-consumable, that will one day end up in a landfill.  Possible?  Well, if it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge.  My first perceived 'need' was a handheld lemon reamer - tired of dismantling and cleaning my citrus juicer after every lemon juice moment.  After striking out in 3 thrift stores, Caede and I headed to Value Village.  There I found the exact reamer I wanted in a $3.99 grab bag with an apple corer, cheese slicer, latte foamer and ginger bread man cookie-cutter, none of which I already had.  I even went looking for the perfect gingerbread cutter before Christmas and came home empty handed.
Was meant to be.

Look at how perfect this little copper fellow is!

So far so good.  Although... It is only January 6th.

Stay tuned.  
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Marjolaine Hébert said...

Good for you! It's a great idea & I suspect you'll discover more synchronicity in your venture...

Sketchalina said...
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Sketchalina said...
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Claire M said...

Fun journal page. I'm also on a kick to "use what I have" as much as possible and not acquire more. Your page made the whole idea a bit more fun. Good luck.


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