Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Scottsdale Break

Enjoying a post Christmas/New Years/Wedding time-out in Scottsdale w Alfie and Elan.  After a couple of days of serious hiking and restauranting I finally pulled out the sketchbook.  Here's the view of the poolhouse from their condo. 
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hap said...

congrats on the wedding, may you have as many happy years! Also SO HAPPY to see your sketches again!

Sharon P. said...

I would like to order your book but the link does not work. How do I contact you to purchase it? LOVE your art!!!

Sketchalina said...

Thanks Hap, great to hear from you!

Thanks Sharon, and thanks for letting me know about the link! It's all fixed now. You can go ahead and order from the 'get the book' page.