Monday, February 17, 2014

Dr Sketchy in reduction print - in progress


My last trip to Dr Sketchy left me feeling like I was 'off' drawing-wise. I just couldn't concentrate, so I stashed the drawings and forgot about them. 
Then I needed a subject for a reduction print for my printmaking class. I tried laying out a drawing of the Paris rooftops from my sketchbook. By the time I mapped it all out it was way too complicated for the class. Then I tried a simpler subject; the signage from the old Seymour Billards that so intrigued me when I was little. Also ended up being too complicated. I'll save them both for future printmaking sessions, but I needed something dead simple; a few lines and max three colors. I picked up my ditched drawings and composed this sketch.  Only one more plate to do.  Makes me want to dig out the sketches from my other dr sketchy sessions and try some more of these. 

Here are the other two layouts. Once I know a little more what I'm doing with reduction cuts I'll definitely attempt them. 

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