Friday, June 25, 2010

Chalkboard Calendars!

Over the past week or so my dining room has been a chalkboard making factory.  I'm doing a chalkboard for the local ice cream shop, and I thought I'd try to make something else while I had the blackboard paint/chalk markers et al.

These boards are 2x2 ft squares.  I did up four of them, and once I realized that the two cans of chalkboard paint I had were so different, I decided to use them to make calendars.  I like that there's no month or days in here; I can use it as a regular calendar, or if I'm doing some kind of challenge (like the yoga binge I'm currently on) I can use it to track progress.

The scene is the view from our living room last night.  I really wanted to try the chalk markers so I could get the ice cream project done, and the view was so pretty I just started doodling.  These markers are FUN!!  They're called Chalk Ink, and you can get them here.  They took about a week to arrive from Texas.  I know I missed the second friday with the darker paint.  Oh well, this one is just for me, so no biggie.  I've got another one done, but it's a birthday gift, so it's not going up here until after I drop it off tonight, just in case a certain someone is surfing the net on a friday afternoon instead of working (Yes, I mean you.  Back to work!).  It's fun.  I'll post it tomorrow.

I have so many ideas for these.  More to come.

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