Sunday, June 13, 2010

Workshop at Kettle Ridge!

Day 2 of our Watercolour Sketchbook Journaling Workshop.  We moved up  to Kettle Ridge to work (play) in the sunshine and enjoy the amazing views.  Everyone made their own journal from a single sheet of watercolour paper (see how-to vid here).  We did a little session on different ways to keep or create white with watercolours, and then we scattered around the property to capture the view.  These two were smart enough to tuck into the shade of our big sign.  What a great group - thank you everyone who came out.  One thing we talked about was painting in public - what to do when someone is looking over your shoulder.  My suggestion was to try what I do: ask them if they themselves paint.  Odds are either they do or they want to, or they wouldn't have commented in the first place.  They'll be off on a tangent about what their own art experience has been, and the focus/pressure will be off of you.  Plus, you'll hear a good story.  I personally like it when people come up to talk.  After my first few times sketching in public I realized it's only the nice, polite and friendly people who approach. No one points and shrieks "You're no artist!  Go home!"   Never happens.   I'll post a local paint out soon, so we can go brave the crowds together.

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