Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weird Life Drawing Night

I had kind of a weird time at life drawing last night.  I think I was just in a very different head space.  I was feeling like my life drawings lately have been sort of 'all the same', and even though I've been thinking I'm capturing a more realistic slice of life than I was before, that it might be safe and boring.  I wanted to get looser.  And I wanted to get over my Payne's Grey addiction that was starting to creep into my sketches.  The results seem to be lacking in any accuracy,  and not yet loose enough to be worth it. There are a few moments I like though, like the warm reflected light under this one's chin and on her far arm.   I'm also trying to draw more with the paint rather than outline and fill.  Sometimes working, sometimes not.  The other thing I was feeling aware of last night is that when I spend this much time in art brain, I stop being able to communicate very well.  I get all tongue-tied and quiet and insecure, which if you know me you'll know is unusual.  I'm so deep into observe mode that I stop being able to express.  Not every time, but sometimes.  I wonder if that happens to everyone?
This red one was done during a particularly crashy and aggressive piece of music.  It's funny how those things filter in, probably a combination of how it affects both model and artist.  

These reclining figures were fun.  I think the weirder the perspective, the more I have to rely on observation rather than knowledge.  That's probably a good thing.  Didn't want to believe I was avoiding the foot that fell off the page in the lower one, and so there it is poking in at the top.  

This model is always so good.  She knows what'll be interesting, and really holds it well over the 20 minute poses.  


Spinneretta said...

When I get into 'art mode' not only does speech fail me, but so does my spelling ;)

Sue Van Etten said...

I like these a lot. I do believe it happens to everyone with any activity that deeply engages the right brain. I often have trouble getting verbal when I'm in the zone. And my sketches are not as good when I'm with a group talking. It seems when the verbal part of the brain is active, the creative part can't fully engage.

wawos said...

I like them. Very nice!