Saturday, June 26, 2010

For my favourite triathlete - A Tri-Training Calendar

My friend M.E. is such an inspiration.  She does nothing half-way.  When she wanted to donate her long red locks for cancer, she had me shave her head down to the wood and invited the media to raise awareness.  When she got in to triathlons, she made the commitment to do ironman, and did it well.

I made this chalkboard triathlon training calendar for her birthday.  It's 2 ft square, and each square is over 2".  Should be enough room to schedule a workout or two.  How she juggles Ironman training, mommying, her business interests, volunteering and having time for friends and family is a wonder.  But, she does it all, and does it well.

That's her on her bike, and us yelling 'go red racer!' from the sidelines.  Now that she's gone from red to platinum, do we have to chant something different?  She'll always be Red Racer to me.

Happy Birthday M.E.  Sorry it was late.  Was waiting for paint to dry. xo

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Marthann's Musings said...

Oh how wonderful. What a treasure to make and to have.