Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Little Opera At All Saints in Rome

Here's the image from my earlie post. Text here says:
Before coming to Italy I googled 'concerts.rome.march' and this is what I found. It was an 'Opera's Greatest Hits' deal where an ensemble played while four soloists sang only arias a non-opera regular (me) would recognize. Loved it. And after a day of site seeing (saint peter's basilica- wow) I was just happy to have a place to sit still and sketch. This woman here s an alagamation of the two female vocalists, and the violinist did not fit page left. The nice French lady beside me keeps looking at my sketch and smiling (Bonjour Madame!) and during the last aria a couple of the performers pulled people up from the crowd and sang while waltzing. Fun :)

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