Friday, March 21, 2014

Ready For Some Colour - Italy

  My first prints are dry enough to paint today. Here they are:

Hanging Out In Trastevere 

Perugian Slivers I 

Perugian Slivers II

Glass Ceiling Rome 

Le Petit Prince Of Lyon


Bernini's River Gods

Coloseum In The Rain

Rooftops Of Montmartre

They're not this blue in real life. I'll get some better pics sometime soon. Don't forget you can pre-order the finished prints in my website at

I was working on carving some new images when these guys cruised by the studio to say hello. 
Lovely, no?  

1 comment:

Sigrid Albert said...

Wonderful to see the colours too. I like them both in b+w and colour. I guess it's a good sign if they work in b+w to start with; then you know the composition and light and shadows are working.