Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Day in Italian Heaven

Here is my yesterday:
Got up, feasted on a breakfast of bruschetta and perfect little pesto toasts, fruit, yogurt, homey from a nearby farm and coffee. Did an amazing hike up to a little church on the hill. Sat in the sun working on my project, the sunshine making the linoleum tiles softer and easier to carve.  Made a 'collaboration' lunch feast on a little outdoor stove, dragged a table down from the studio and ate in the sunshine with my new little family of artist friends.   Went back to carving until my hands could carve no more, discovering all kinds of things about how to wield my new carving tools, then drove into Santa Maria degli Angeli for pizza at Penny Lane, swapping stories and listening to Beatles tunes. 

Just another day in Italian heaven. 

Here's Sarah dragging her find back from our hike:

It was like being followed by a moose, hearing her thrash through the brush behind me on our way back, this on her head like an antler. 

And Hye Weon making faces at dinner: 

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