Friday, March 21, 2014

Perugian Slivers

These four images came from a page in my sketchbook titled 'Perugian Slivers'. Text says:
Walking around Perugia I find my eye keeps getting drawn up along these fantastic little sliver views. They're everywhere, around every corner, rising and dropping with the hillside. These four, all leading off Piazza IV Novembre, look like doorways but they're actually skinny little streets. Al Mangiar Bene is through that arched door you see on the right. It's where I had my first meal here (fantastic). But the street doesn't end there. All of these streets buck and twist their way down the hillside in a maze of stairs, tunnels and archways. Each day I let myself fall a little deeper into it, finding the food gets better (and cheaper) the further I let myself go. No fear of getting lost. If I get totally disoriented I just head upward and I know at the top of the hill these four archways will appear again and I can find my way home. It's better than breadcrumbs. 

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Sigrid Albert said...

Slivers are one of my favourite formats! I am not sure why, but maybe because they're expansive and generous at top and bottom, while restricted at left and right. That creates a good kind of tension. These are great.