Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Perugian Ink (no, I didn't get a tattoo)

My first morning in Perugia I walked past La Bottega del Papiro and saw this;
like a beautiful puppy with its paws against the glass, pleading to be loved and taken home. It's is a calligraphy pen, two nibs and 8 little bottles of ink. Colours with names like 'Turchese', 'Arancia' and 'Bordeaux', tops dip-sealed in wax the colour of the contained pigment; who could say no to that?!   I walked past that window every day and today, my final morning in Perugia, I went in and made it mine. 

This was a productive time for me.  I've done nothing but wander and draw for five days straight.  It's been fantastic, but I'm ready to be in the company of people again. 

And that brings us to Monte Subasio. Marina, the residency coordinator, came and picked me up in Assisi. We did a quick grocery shop then drove up here. Arte Studio Ginestrelle is situated on a beautiful farm  20 minutes outside of town in the Monte Subasio Regional Park. It is beyond beautiful. There are four other artists in residence at the moment; two Finnish poets, a French costume/set designer and a visual artist from Korea. Marina and her mother made a welcome dinner of wild boar and chicory. It was fantastic, as was the wine and conversation. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here. Afterwards we watched an old italian film about Francesco of Assisi (call it research) and now I'm tucked into my big warm comfy bed, so happy, and looking forward to tomorrow. 

Here's a little sneak peek at the lino plates I've transferred so far:
Some get split on half, others joined together, but it gives you an idea. 


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

What a treasure, will you use the ink or keep it as a souvenir of your trip?

jowdjbrown said...

Opening reception takes place at Inksanity on Saturday, Oct 18 from 7-10pm. I'll have five pieces in the show, including this fella. Hope to see folks there! tattoo ink