Friday, March 7, 2014

Two statues from Piazza Navona, and One Pizza from Heaven

Here's the sketch I did in Piazza Navona a few days ago. Today I added some colour and spent a big chunk of the day transferring it to linoleum. It was super complicated. Will be interesting to see how it carves and prints. It's bigger than the linoleum I brought, so I'm puzzling two pieces together along that vertical tone shift down the middle. Crafty, no?

On a more immediately gratifying note, here's the 6€ pizza I ordered for lunch:
It was amazing. Yes, that's some kind of molten goat cheese in the middle.  I'm having the second half for dinner. The gift that keeps giving. 

Dear Panagopolous,
You won't be hearing from me anymore. I'm sorry.  It's not you, it's this pizza. 


Jeffrey Willius said...

Fabulous sketch, Sketch! You're in the right place for subject matter (& inspiration)!

a turnstile mind said...


Sigrid Albert said...

I love your drawings and writings from Italy! What a wonderful trip for you. The pizza looks fantastic as well, I can almost smell it...